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Solutions that WORK!

Ignition System

Key turns lock cylinder from OFF to ACC to RUN to START, but will not return to the OFF position. This may appear as an intermittent problem.

The ignition switch actually has two components: the ignition switch and the ignition lock cylinder. The problmes lies in the ignition switch which is the large black portion that has two electrical connectors plugging into it. This may be a known problem to the manufacturer and the replacement parts should work fine. No idea what actually causes this problem. Do you?

DIY Fix:
Purchase a new ignition switch from the dealer or possibly a large parts carrier like NAPA. At this time the Chevy Malibus are too new a model to have this part carried at the local parts store. The part should cost $151.22 (in Texas). A Chilton or Haynes manual is helpful. To access the switch use a screwdriver to gently pry out the bezel around key/radio/AC console. Remove the two bolt head screws around keyhole. You can now pull out the switch one of two way from up top through gauges area over steering wheel (HARD) or from below using small hands and removing two plastic covers from pedal's area (EASIER).

Repair Center Fix:
I don't have a price as of yet for this repair. I will have one soon.

Pictures of the area the leak appears coming soon...