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Engine Cooling System

Leaking coolant from right side of engine. Typically this will appear all of a sudden and won't be slow dripping for weeks growing worse and worse.

Intake manifold gasket has some sort of known problem with it from the manufacturer. It is known because they issued a new OEM part number for it that has a fix to it. Be sure that you get this new replacement part. For the coolant to be leaking outside of the engine is a good thing for the gasket has blown in a section that seperates the water pathways and the exterior of the engine block. See the reverse of this.

DIY Fix:
Purchase the new replacement gasket part, a recommended liquid gasket sealer (someone help me with a good technical term for this or brand/product), and the know-how on removing the top end of the engine and intake manifold.

Repair Center Fix:
I got a price estimate from a family trusted mechanic shop on the 'nicer' side of town of $550 and they could get it done in about 3 days. I ended up taking it to the Barrio (Ghetto) side of town to MY trusted mechanics who work out of a garage that resembles a large shack and they got it done in 24 hours and charged me $275.

On a side note since that side of town was a bit far I even paid $95 for a tow and still saved almost $200 and got my car back on the road faster!

Pictures of the area the leak appears coming soon...