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Solutions that WORK!
Following are problems I have found REAL solutions for. As always these may not fix EVERY instance, so please be sure to email me your fix if it is something not shown.

  1. Leaking coolant from right side of engine.
  2. Loss of coolant with no leaks.
  3. Key in ignition does not go to OFF position.

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Why this website is here...

I decided to put up this little portal to Chevrolet Malibu problem and answers because of my own experiences and frustrations of trying to search for answers. I have found many forums and messages boards that have MANY messages with upset and frustrated owners telling about their problems and asking for help to no avail.

Within this site and it message forums you should be able to find answers, solutions and ideas on taking care of your Malibu problems or repair issues. Most of the defects that I have seen are common to all Chevrolet Malibus of the following years 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, and 2000. Alot of the malfunctions or break downs occur at a particular mileage interval which should help in taking preventative maintenance steps.

By using the forums and my included links to solutions I have found that work you might not have to wander all over looking or getting blue or red in the face trying to talk to the dealerships.

If you actually find that something here on my site or in my forums has led to resolving your problem(s) with savings to your pocket please take a moment and visit one of our quality link partners here. It would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Help with solutions and advice

If you have a fix or additional information to a solution already listed please email me directly and be sure to provide as much detail and how you came by the information and I will add it as soon as possible.

I am by no means a mechanic or professional. The information I am providing on my site is completely for your own information and interpretation. I make no warranties or garauntees regarding the solutions or advice given by myself or anyone using our message forums. If you are not a competent do-it-yourself person when it comes to automobiles please consult a licensed mechanic or other professional or your nearest dealership. Though I do not promote going to dealerships for service myself, dealerships and their staff are qualified and knowledgeable enough to work on your vehicle and usually do garauntee their work.